I am a pretty big fan of Nascar, especially when it comes to Dale Earnhardt Jr. Usually races are on Sundays except for this week’s race, which happened to be at Richmond on Saturday.  I had totally forgot about the race until around lap 350 out of 400.  Jr, was trying to get up to the front.  Denny Hamlin was winning, and led the most laps during the race.  During lap 379, Denny reported a flat tire, and Kyle Busch & Jr were able to catch up to him.  During lap 383, Jr takes the lead. On lap 395, he is five laps away from putting an end to his 71-race winless streak.  By this time, I am jumping for joy.  Well, my dreams were put to rest at lap 398, when Kyle Busch wrecked Jr and sent him into the wall.

I have never liked either of the Busch Brothers (Kyle or Kurt). After today’s episode caused by Kyle, I am even more frustrated with him and dislike him even more.  It will take me quite some time to get over this.  This is mainly, because I have been waiting so long to see Jr get a win, and then to have it spoiled by this foolishness.  Darrell Waltrip, says that it was not intentional.  The more I look at it, the more intentional it looks.  Kyle Busch totally screwed up, and I think he needs to be penalized and have his butt kicked.

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