You are going to do what?

The hotel received a letter at the P.O. Box today from an attorney’s office in Maryland. The letter alleges that Mr. Benjamin Slavic (name was changed to protect the innocent) wants to be compensated $500,000. Yes, you read that correctly. The letter alleges that Mr. Slavic checked into the hotel on July 27, for 8 nights and was also charged for the same. The letter continues to state that Mr. Slavic returned to the hotel that night and I had told him he needed to leave and had packed his belongings in violation of Mr. Slavic’s civil rights. It gets funnier, “Mr. Slavic paid $545.00 without being allowed to stay at the hotel”.

My response was this:

Carl Edwards

I am a pretty big nascar fan.  I am not a “fan” of Carl Edwards.  However, I do enjoy watching him.  Sunday’s race at Atlanta Motor Speedway was an exception.  I didn’t watch the race, but I watched some clips afterwards.  There was one incident where I think Carl Edwards needs to be fined, or suspended or even both for what he did.

Take a Look here:



I work for a hotel, as I have mentioned in previous posts. One of my biggest frustrations, is with the way they do updates.  The “main” updates are usually designed to add some functionality to the property management system that we use.  However, it seems almost every time that they have to roll out a new update to fix something that they broke with the “main” update


I like all kinds of music.  Most recently, I have come across an interest in Blues.  I have always knew it existed, but I just never got into very much.  However, back on June 8, 2009, The Insomniacs, came and played at Jo’s Sunshine Lounge in Boise, Idaho.  At this Read more…

Hell’s Kitchen

My wife just wrote a little blog about Hell’s Kitchen, which happens to be my new favorite show now that American Idol is over. Hell’s Kitchen is a US Television phenomenon as renowned chef Gordon Ramsay puts aspiring chefs through a very rigorous culinary boot-camp. World-renowned chef GORDON RAMSAY is back Read more…