Since I currently do not have a job, I was able to go with my Mom and Step-Dad to the Cache Valley Rendezvous.  We left on Thursday the 22nd of May, and got back today the 26th of May.  It was a blast even though it did rain some of the time.  While you are at your own campsite, you don’t really do anything special, but when you go into the “town”, you dress up like a “Mountain Man”. 

The first day that we went into town, I did not have anything, so I had to borrow a shirt that looked like a mountain man shirt from my Step-Dad, and I also borrowed a hat.  I have some stuff ready now so that I will be somewhat ready for the next rendezvous, because when we went into the town, I bought a felt hat, a leather strand and some beads. 

Kim, my Step-Dad, gave me his old belt.  Then after we got back to camp, he had some rawhide that he used to make me a bag to hold my Fire Starter kit. I of course do not have everything for a full mountain man outfit, but I will buy something new each time I go.  There are a couple rendezvous that my parents go to; one of them is in Cache Valley, Utah, and the other is in Bridger, Wyoming. 

I had tons of fun, and can’t wait for the next one.  Cache Valley is usually on Memorial Day weekend, and I think we will skip that one next year so that we can save up for the one in Bridger.  It doesn’t really cost very much to camp there, the expensive part is the gas to get there.

I will post some pictures, once I get them uploaded off my camera.


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