Most of you do not know this, but I am a big fan of the game called Carcassonne. I will not go into a whole lot of detail about how the game it played, or about what goes on during the game.  For that, you can go to the Website for Carcassonne. I have all the “large” expansions, and most of the smaller expansions.  I am excited, because this year, they are coming out with 2 more expansions.  There is a “large” expansion coming out called “Bridges, Castles & Baazars“.  Then there is also a “small” expansion coming out called “Crop Circle & Tunnels”, this one is actually a combination of two mini expansions.  But anyway, I am most excited for the “Bridges, Castles, & Baazars”, because I love all of the Large expansions.


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