The hotel received a letter at the P.O. Box today from an attorney’s office in Maryland. The letter alleges that Mr. Benjamin Slavic (name was changed to protect the innocent) wants to be compensated $500,000. Yes, you read that correctly. The letter alleges that Mr. Slavic checked into the hotel on July 27, for 8 nights and was also charged for the same. The letter continues to state that Mr. Slavic returned to the hotel that night and I had told him he needed to leave and had packed his belongings in violation of Mr. Slavic’s civil rights. It gets funnier, “Mr. Slavic paid $545.00 without being allowed to stay at the hotel”.

My response was this:

This gentleman (Mr. Slavic) had stayed with us on 7/27 which was a Sunday. He had reserved a room for 8 nights, and the room he reserved did not come with a Fridge or a Microwave. He had given Pedro a hard time that night about wanting a Fridge / Microwave. It was explained to him that if he wanted a room with both, he would have to change rooms on Monday at a higher rate, because on Sunday night we didn’t have any rooms available with both.

So Monday morning came around and the housekeepers / desk explained to him because he still wanted to switch rooms that he needed to move his belongings to the new room or take them with him. He went to his meeting and did not do either, so Laura and Jennifer moved his belongings from room 245 to room 208; because he also didn’t want to pay for both rooms, but was very adamant that he wanted the room with the fridge and microwave. I was working the front desk that night, and when Mr. Slavic came in, he threw his key on the counter and said his key wasn’t working. At the time, I did not know that his stuff had been moved, and asked him to wait patiently while I tracked it down. All this time, he is making physical threats to me. I found his belongings, and took him to room 208 to get them (as this was the room he was going to move to); at this time he followed me into the room and cornered me in the room and made more threats to me. This is the reason why he was asked to leave. I had asked him to pack up his belongings and leave. He would not, so the police were called and the police had to ask him to leave.

He was only charged for Sunday night, which was the night he actually did stay and sleep at the hotel. We did not charge him anything else. And he was asked to leave because of his attitude and him making physical threats to me; just like any other customer would have been.


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