Carl Edwards

I am a pretty big nascar fan.  I am not a “fan” of Carl Edwards.  However, I do enjoy watching him.  Sunday’s race at Atlanta Motor Speedway was an exception.  I didn’t watch the race, but I watched some clips afterwards.  There was one incident where I think Carl Edwards needs to be fined, or suspended or even both for what he did.

Take a Look here:


Obama and Football.

I am going to voice my opion about something.  Why does President-Elect Barack Obama have to stick his damn nose into everything.  I don’t remember where I was reading this, but I read somewhere that Obama wants to implement a College Football playoff system.  Everyone else wants to do this Read more…


For those of you who know me really well, know that I really love NASCAR. My friend sent me an email with a very funny Nascar bit, so here it is:


About 6 months ago, I wrote a post about my frustration with Kyle Busch.  That race was at Richmond, and Kyle Busch wrecked Dale Jr, with just a few laps to go and took the win away from Jr.  Well, there was another race a week ago on the September 7th.  This same race also happened to be at Richmond.  However, this time the tables were turned.  This time Kyle Busch was leading, and Jr got up behind him.

600 Home Runs

This will be very brief, but I am a Seattle Mariners fan.  One of my favorite all-time Mariners was Ken Griffey Jr. and will always be my favorite baseball player, even though he no longer plays for the Mariners. Today, Griffey Jr., just hit his 600th home run.  He is only the Read more…