As I have stated many other times, I am a big Boise State Football fan.  I have been a Boise State Fan, even back when we sucked.  This year, I am a little bit upset.  I don’t know whether to be mad, or whether I should be happy. 

Normally, if a College Football Team is ranked in the top 12, then they get an automatic bid in a BCS (Bowl Championship Series) Game.  However, this year there are two teams ranked in the top 12, Utah #6, and BSU #9.  So, since Utah is #6 they get the bid.  Now, I think this could be a good or bad thing.  I would rather have BSU play in a major bowl, because that would mean more money for the school and conference. Now there is a chance of “being stuck” in the hometown bowl.  This is where my mixed emotions come in.  I don’t know whether to be happy or sad.  If they stay at home and play in the Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl, then there is a chance for them to play #12 Ball State.  This would be a good game for two reasons, 1) It would be a battle of two undefeated teams, and 2) The two teams would be pretty evenly matched.  The other option for BSU is to play #11 TCU in the Poinsetta Bowl in San Diego.  This would be a little bit of a better match-up, and may bring a higher dollar game for BSU.

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