Sue Happy Society

Why are there so many people who just want to sue everybody they come in contact with? This particular guy was sitting here telling me how he just sued some company.  I think it was the government because he was in the military, and got hurt and had to go Read more…

Computer Humor

I was sorting through some old emails and came across this great list.  If you ever have a bad day, and want to make it better, just follow these instructions How to start the day with a positive outlook! Create a new folder on your computer. Name it “Barack Obama” Read more…

Never a dull moment

About 2:15 in the morning I am about ready to fall asleep, cause I got to bed late. I get a call up to my room that there is something going on out in the dining room. So, I wake up THROW clothes on really quickly go down stairs. Before Read more…


For those of you who know me really well, know that I really love NASCAR. My friend sent me an email with a very funny Nascar bit, so here it is:


So I had a previous post where I mentioned that I have had a gun pulled on me.  In that post, Denise asked me to explain more.  So here it goes: My Dad used to own a furniture store.  The power went out, and when it came back on it caused the Read more…

My Turn

Neal tagged me, so here it goes.  All about me — Alphabetically! A. ATTACHED OR SINGLE? Attached B. BEST FRIEND? Krissie C. CAKE OR PIE? Devil’s Food Cake D. DAY OF CHOICE? Saturday E. ESSENTIAL ITEMS? Clothes, LOL F. FAVORITE COLORS? Red and Blue (in that order) G. GUMMY BEARS OR Read more…

Tim Hawkins

For those of you who know me, this might not be a surprise. For those of you who don’t know me, I am a big fan of stand-up comedy. This is a video that I came across, and thought was also pretty funny.

Tiger Woods

I was reading some news online, and came across a post about a dude selling Tiger Woods’ half-eaten apple core on ebay for $36,000:

“I was at the US Open this Friday, following Tiger Woods down the 12th Fairway, after his tee shot, he was eating an apple, 30 yards from his ball he discarded his apple core in the rough, I asked a photothe to kick it over my way, and he did, I never touched the core, Scooped it up in a empty beer cup, as not to disrupt the DNA, Ive got lots of witness’…all moneys go to my daughters college fund.” 

Apple core from Tiger Woods