Why are there so many people who just want to sue everybody they come in contact with?

This particular guy was sitting here telling me how he just sued some company.  I think it was the government because he was in the military, and got hurt and had to go in a wheelchair, so they “fired him”.  He then goes on to tell me that he got 7.6 million dollars from that case.

This same guy then goes on to tell me that he is suing the VA for something.  Again, I didn’t really pay attention, because it sounded like a lot of crap to me.  He then elaborates and tells me that he is supposed to get 12.4 million out of this one.  And I then hear him talking on the phone to someone else about how he is going to sue some lady who was lived in his trailer because she let some other guy use his truck and her cat pissed all over the place and ruined the carpets.

Really dude?  If you have all this money, or you claim to have all this money from suing people, then why are you staying at a 3-star hotel?   And why have you been living in an RV for the last 4 years?  If I had 7.6 million and another supposed 12 million coming, I certainly wouldn’t be staying at the Rodeway Inn in Boise, Idaho.  I would be at some fancy beach resort and have myself a nice house on the beach; or even my own private island for that matter.


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