Today was a typical karaoke friday.  There were people dancing, drinking, playing pool, and of course singing karaoke.

It is now about 1:30 or so at night and really the only folks doing karaoke were myself, Handyman Jon, Chris Johnson and one or two other people. While this was going on, the MFT folks were playing pool with Handyman Jon’s girlfriend Lori, and her daughter.  Well, the next thing I heard was a verbal argument.  I was about ready to go home, but then realized I needed to stay incase the police were called as I was the only sober witness.

There was yelling and screaming, in addition to foul names being screamed at each other.  I didn’t really see anything physical, other than Louie putting his arms out to separate his wife Kim from the commotion.  Because at this point, Lori’s daughter was swinging at Kim.

Police were not called, but at this point everyone was sent home and the Bar closed.  In addition, Lori was sent a letter from the Bar, and was told she is 86’d and not allowed back at the bar.

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