Today was a good day. I didn’t think this day would come and for the last month was kind of stressful. About a month or so ago, I was sitting on the couch in good ol’ Nampa at my apartment, and my Mom sent me a text. The text said something to the effect of “Your sister is looking for a house with a bigger yard, would you buy her house?”. I had said it is a possibility. Well, not more than 5 minutes passed and Jesi gave me a call and we talked on the phone for a good chunk of time. She put her realtor in contact with me, and we were shooting for a June 1st closing date.

My Employer, CBC Mortgage Agency, was trying to use test cases so that we could get approved with FHA to originate loans. I had contacted Landon Moser at OMNI Lends, as well as Todd Ludlow, who is a Vice President of our company. They both confirmed to me that CBC was not licensed in the State of Idaho, and Ludlow referred me to Gail Taylor at Capital Mortgage in Boise. I reached out to Gail, who we knew because we shared the office space with her for a time. Gail was getting me setup and and gotten me approved. However, then she told me that she couldn’t get me done by the 1st of June. As a broker, they prepare the file and then send the file to Idaho Housing. And because of the pandemic, they’re about 6 weeks out. I spoke with my sister and with Jon, the realtor. They both put me in contact with Corey Newell from Evergreen Lending. I reached out to him via the website and applied. In a matter of a day, Corey had me approved with his program.

There were some hiccups along the way. There were some rocky points as well. I had mentioned to Corey that I wanted to use my employer down payment assistance program. This program, is provided by CBC Mortgage Agency, to help cover closing costs of up to 3.5% capped at 10,000. Evergreen kept trying to sell me a DPA program through Idaho Housing. I finally told him, what is the point of paying for something and having more payments each month, when I can get it for free from my employer? He realized it, but was unsure because he didn’t know if that was going to complicate and / or slow things down. I explained to him that in previous cases, this has not been the fact because our employer really wants us to use the program and wants us to be homeowners.

Throughout the process, Corey kept me posted and updated. He even cc’d me on emails to Todd Ludlow and / or Trevor Ross. Trevor was the one producing the 2nd Note and documents. Corey also was pretty happy about how the process went and said they were always very responsive and helpful throughout the process of getting info.

Today is the day that I didn’t think would ever come. I didn’t think I would be a homeowner. I didn’t think I would be able to fulfill this dream. It has been something that my wife has wanted since we got married. Even after signing the closing disclosures and documents, I still did not feel like this was real. It will take some time to get to that point. However, after having gone through this process and achieving this dream, it gives me a better appreciation for what we do at CBC Mortgage.

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