I find it ironic that I start my new job, exactly 2 months, to the day I got laid off from American Fire Protection. I was offered a job by CBC Mortgage. I came into the office in the morning and met my boss, Todd Peterson. Todd is the controller of the company. Also, when I got there, I met the President, Richard Ferguson. He came up from Utah, to give us some training. And by us, I mean, myself and Jose. Both of us started work the same day. We then met the one other individual who works at the office, Priscilla.

Once we got settled and gave some introductions, we met the other individuals who share the office space. It turns out, that our little department subleases the space from another mortgage company. They are all pretty nice though.

Rich gave us an overview of the whole process from the borrower applying for the down payment assistance, which is the Chenoa Fund, all the way to the close of the loan. There are 17 or 18 various steps throughout the process. The borrower only sees a few of them. We wen through various scenarios to test our knowledge. By the end of the day, my head was about to explode because of all the new information. Our parent company is Cedar Band Corporation, or Cedar Band of Paiutes, which is one of 5 bands of Paiute Indian Tribes.

I am excited for the new job and I am happy to be here. I look forward to learning and growing in the company.

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