I am super behind on some writings, and thought I would recap a few things.

A couple of weeks ago, Jim Danes hired a consultant. Jim introduced Mike Mitchell to us and told us that his purpose was to help make the company more profitable and that some of our duties may change. I was totally on board with that and figured that I may get to learn something new. Some of the changes being made, were the implementation of an inventory system, and having the techs submit a daily timecard, rather than a timecard at the end of the week. Things were starting to move a little too quickly. Changes were being made, but I felt like I had no clue what was going on; I had previously been kept in the loop.

There were some rumors floating around the office at American Fire Protection that Jim may be selling the company to Mike. Some of the employees, including myself, were feeling very uneasy and confused. I was called into the office and asked if I had started any rumors, to which I said I hadn’t. This is a true statement, I had not made any assumptions. I had my personal feelings, but had not made them vocal. The one individual who had voiced his opinions to me, was the one who I was being accused of starting the rumor with. Because of the uneasy feeling, and rumors floating around, I decided to start applying for a new job and seeing what was available.

Well, fast forward to today, I come in the office and Mike had asked me for the “new employee” packets. I gave them to him and he left the office. Before too long, I could no longer get into my email. In fact, no one in the office could get into their emails, because the passwords had been changed. We were able to fix the issue and get back into our emails, but the names on my email address had been changed from my name to another individual, who I assumed was starting work on Monday. This morning, Dale was let go. I was called into the office, shortly after. I got in the office and Jim Danes was at his desk and Mike Mitchell was to the left of me in a chair.

What happened next was a little expected, based on my feelings of uneasiness over the last couple weeks. I was told that one of the things that needed to happen was that payroll needed to improve and they were combining my position with another position and I was no longer needed anymore. I realize that I was basically let go due to downsizing. I packed up my belongings from my desk and, and went home. I was feeling pretty upset at this time, and felt like I was worthless and not wanted. I went home and prayed to my Heavenly Father and just thought about things.

I realized, I was worth something. I realized I knew a lot. I also realized that many things in life happen for a specific reason to help us grow as a person and to learn. I know that something good will come out of this. I know that I will find another employment opportunity.



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