What a weird day today.  Dale and I had finished work, just like any typical Thursday.  We were sitting there in the lounge.  I was drinking a Coke, and Dale was drinking a wild Turkey.  And Miss Kitty Richards is the bartender for the day.

There were others in the Lounge also.  There was also Phransie, Dick Madrie (not sure if those are spelled correctly), Pat Mahoney, Larry Tic-Toc, as well as Mr Native American.  Mr Native American was sitting there talking to Pat.  Keep in mind that Pat has only one leg, and is sitting in one of the bar stools, because that is easier for him to get in and out of.  At this point, Mr Native American, had upset Pat enough to where he got out of the bar stool, and sat in one of the chairs which is lower to the ground so that he could get away from Native American.

Now Native American comes over and starts talking to Larry Tic-Toc.  Now, at this point Larry gets up and leaves because he is upset.  Two people have now been upset to the point where they’re trying to avoid this guy.  Now, Dale is also outside.  Dale told me later “I enjoy my drinks, but I don’t handle drunks very well”.  Native American now grabs his drink and tries to come over and sit between Phransie and I.  She moves her drink in between us, and we both tell him the seat is taken.  He starts making some smart alec responses while Kitty is in the kitchen ordering some food.

Kitty now walks in and almost in unison, Phransie and I both say “It’s that time, I have had enough”.  Kitty then proceeded to tell Mr Native American that he needs to leave. He said “can I finish my drink?” Kitty then said “How fast can you drink”. He then acted like he was going to spit the drink at Kitty. We almost had to call the police, but then he left.

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