This morning, I had 3 individuals come in.  They told me they were just here for the breakfast.  Turns out they were not guests of the hotel.  They had just walked in off the street.  This is okay, because we can sell them a breakfast for only $4 per person.  This is a pretty good deal, because you get our full breakfast buffett.

He came up and wanted me to give him tickets.  I tried to collect the money, but he didn’t want to pay.  Because he didn’t want to pay, I asked him to leave.  Then he was like “I’ve worked in hospitality for years.  I was a chef for 3 years.”  I wanted to say to him, but didn’t, “Well, I am sure you have probably had people try to do the same thing to you.”  He did leave, but was not very happy with me at this point.


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