Today was a long day, frustrating, and stressful day. I was awakened very early this particular morning. My housekeeper, Sonya, had come in to open the breakfast and get things going for the day.

At about 6 am, I received a call from either her or David Ross that we needed to review the cameras and see what we could come up with. The reason for this was because someone had thrown a brick through glass at Entrance 2. I got dressed and started looking at what was on the Camera System.

Initially, all I could see was one particular guy walking around the halls. He was a Milano / Mexican looking guy, and was upstairs in the back hall around rooms 231 to 251. I watched over and over and could not tell who this guy was. We had called the police, but because we didn’t have any video of the brick actually getting thrown through the door, there was not anything they could do.

I reviewed this with my night clerk who had worked the previous night, and showed her what I saw. She then pointed out that she had seen him check in with Mr. Brandon Sedin. In the camera video, we did not see Brandon in the building during the time that the window was broken out. These guys were part of a group selling Kirby Vacuum cleaners. He was the “owner” of the local group, and one of his girls was named Veronica. As I reviewed the video further, we saw the suspect rifling through and later taking the bucket containing the checkout folios for the month as well as the keys to the Shuttle Van as well as the cell phone to the van. We then called the Police because in the video we had seen Veronica socializing and leaving the hotel with the suspect earlier in the night.

The Police had called Veronica and then also talked to the guy who was with her and he denied any involvement, the case was dropped by the Police and they did not pursue any charges.

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