We had a customer who has been staying with us for quite some time.  His name was Kim Smith.  He was a very nice guy and we are approaching the holidays.  He had been staying at our place because the hospital was next door, and he had been going over there for daily or every other day treatments.  During this time, he had come very close to some of our staff, because he was a super nice guy and had probably been at our hotel for a month or even more.

On this particular day, the housekeepers had gone in his room like normal to check some things and do their daily routine.  They had a routine with him, because he had been there for some time.  Anyway, he was “sleeping” in the recliner like normal, with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.  This was a normal occurence, because he didn’t like sleeping in the bed it was easier for him to sleep in the recliner.  When they were in there, they didn’t think anything of it, because he had been in this position before.  (more…)