Another very interesting day today. The live auction happened yesterday, and today is the 2nd and final day for people to pick up their purchases. Today, Dale and I are here until 6pm. In addition to that, Chris Peters, from AMRESCO Commercial Finance wanted us to drain the remainder of the pool today.

I showed up at the Hotel to do one thing before I ran to Tates Rents to get the pump, and there were people in the building. I was trying to figure out how they got into the building. The only thing that I could think of, was that when M&T Security came through the building overnight, that they didn’t make sure it was fully closed. No one was able to get into any of the rooms, but the point is still the same. I got back with the pump, and Dale started to drain the pool the rest of the way.

The day was really hectic, because every time I turned around someone else needed to be let into a room. No matter how many time, I would explain to them how to keep the door open, no one would listen. Also, as all the furniture had been sold, there was not anywhere “soft” to sit. The only place I could sit was on the hard fireplace brick. All throughout the day, folks were complaining and acting like they had a lot of time to get their things out. I explained they had until 6pm, and at that point people got upset at me, saying they thought they had Saturday as well. I explained that even during the auction it was announced Thursday till 5, Friday till 6, and any other time after that would be by appointment. And by appointment probably would not happen. I then got the evil eye like you wouldn’t believe. At 7:30 we finally got everyone out of the building, and got the building secure. The pool was still not completely drained, but by this time we said forget it, and we packed up the pump and went home.

In addition to this, there was a guy there who had to do some kind of Industrial Hygiene inspection to check for asbestos, lead, and other things that may harm the environment. We had to deal with him from 9am to about 3pm, in addition to those picking up auction things. This wasn’t so bad, except for we had to let him on the roof, and into the bar, and other places so that he could do testing.


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