So, I have been here at the Rodeway Inn for about 6 years, I started in August of 2008. Throughout the years, the RIB LTD partnership consisting of Bruce Faltin, Melvin J Baptie, Dr Claude Brown Jr, and David R Ross, have tried to sell the hotel many times. This last time, they were trying to sell if to Mark Clegg, and he was going to convert part of it to a long-term extended care type facility. This particular time, the sale kept being put off and Dave Ross was becoming doubtful as to whether or not the sale was actually going to happen. The sale still had not happened, so Dave and the partnership along with the lender gave Mr Clegg until October 1st to have a resolution. Still at this time, nothing had been done, so the final resolution was to close the hotel. The day which was picked was October 20th; this day, the doors will be locked and no customers after the evening of the 19th.

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