At about 11pm, Patti went to go lock up the pool area.

She then called me to have me look on the cameras.  I didn’t see anyone on them that look weird or suspicious.  Then she proceeded to tell me that when she went outside, these two dudes were sitting there taking a leak outside.  Yes, you read that correctly, they were taking a leak on the astroturf where people walk, play, swim, bbq, etc.  Then they ran off, and she had no clue where they went.

About 20 minutes later, a guy came to the desk to see if I could go look at the pool for his phone.  Because his son had his phone at the pool, and had gotten into “an episode with the security guard”.  I just let him know that his son almost got them kicked out.  I didn’t kick them out, but did let it go.  It just frustrated me.

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