It has now been a couple weeks since Jon and Lori were 86’d from the lounge.  Jon had come in on Tuesday, and wanted to talk to Kitty.  She told him to call Jo.  He called Jo Fryberger, and kept denying that anything happened.  Then he told Jo, “Kitty never talked to me”.  No one calls Kitty a liar, so Jo hung up on Jon.

Well, today at about 11:30 at night, Jon comes walking in the Bar.  He hadn’t officially been 86’d, just Lori.  Well he went into the corner to gather a few of Lori’s friends to have them go outside to talk to her.  Well, they wouldn’t leave, so we called the police.  All the people going out to smoke, informed them that the police were on their way.  They were gone just before the police came.  But Officer Bammert did tell me that when I call police on Jon and Lori next time, to not give them a warning, and just call and I can sign a citation and have them taken to jail for trespassing.

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