Today must be con artist day.

Con Artist #1:  There was a couple that was due to check out on Monday.  However, Monday was President’s Day and they claimed they couldn’t get a hold of Health and Welfare, who was paying for their room.  This couple had been at the hotel for 3 weeks.  So, by the end of the night I thought that I assumed this had been approved.  I sent an email to the Dept of Health and Welfare and asked what the status of this customer was.  I got a reply back, saying they were actually supposed to have checked out on Monday.  I went down to talk to the customer and ask them to leave, and she tried to stay another night.  I told her absolutely not, and that I wasn’t going to be conned another night.  She kept trying to say that she was going to call the office and see.  I wasn’t going to have her stay anymore, especially since she can’t seem to follow policies that she even signed when she got here and was reminded of on other occasions.

Con Artist #2:  The hotel has an agreement with St Alphonsus Hospital, and at times rooms are paid for entirely by the Hospital when a family member needs a place to stay.  In this case, a family had been staying here for a week.  Checkout day came around, and they were due to checkout.  Apparently they were actually due to also check out yesterday.  We hadn’t heard from the customer, but they still had belongings in the room.  So we called the Hospital to ask them.  The hospital told us that their relative actually passed on Saturday, and they weren’t paying for the room anymore.  Not to sound rude, this customer kept trying to take advantage of services provided to them.  When they finally showed back up to the hotel, they acted offended that their key didn’t work for the room.  They also kept trying to insist that they had been at the hospital and should be staying here.  They got their stuff and left back to Nampa

Con Artist #3:  A man, we will call Bob, made a reservation for one of his employees who we will call Susie.  Susie came to check in, she didn’t have a credit card with her and just wanted me to charge the credit card on file.  I explained that I would need to see Bob’s ID, and credit card.  She left, and then came back later with Bob’s credit card.  She didn’t have an ID that matched, so I refused to charge the credit card, and Susie through a fit.  Susie went outside and called Bob, who then called me.  Bob then started yelling at me on the phone, because I wouldn’t charge a credit card without proper identification.  This is simply a Visa/MasterCard policy to check for ID, to prevent fraud.  Bob continued to be belligerent, so I then just told him to have a nice day and I hung up the phone.  Susie’s boyfriend then came in and started giving me a hard time, I immediately told him that he needs to leave before I call the police on both of them.  Bob then called me again, and started saying you need to do this, and you need to do that.  “You will reinstate the reservation, because I have a confirmation number.”  I explained to him that I can refuse service at anytime.  And that due to Susie, Susie’s Boyfriend, and his actions I was refusing service, and they would have to go stay elsewhere.  He already had me lit up, so I was on a roll.  He then said “I want to talk to the Manager”.  “That’s me”, I told him.  He then replied “I want to talk to whoever signs your paychecks.”  I then emphatically said “That is also me.”  He didn’t believe me, and told me I was full of it.  I explained to him a few more times, that I do sign my paychecks.

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