Today has been a pretty interesting day.  I got woke up very early in the morning to take care of something after only sleeping for 2 hours.  I got back and slept for a few hours before I had to get payroll done.  I still felt pretty tired, but was also kind of stressing out because I didn’t know exactly how payroll was going to go considering Syringa Bank was just acquired by Sunwest Bank 2 days ago.  I was told that it should all go as previous performance.  Yeah, payroll was now complete and hopefully direct deposit goes as expected.

I then went to go pick up my Jeep after it had been in the shop since Saturday, because of the window regulator and an alignment.  Now that’s all done, and $530 bucks later, I have my car back and don’t have to share a vehicle.

Now, I am working my regular shift at the frontdesk of the Rodeway Inn.  I am sitting here trying to explain to this customer that I do not have a rate less than $49.95 per night.  And I only have that rate available after 7 nights.  He kept insisting that we had a monthly rate of $39.95 per night.  He kept wanting to talk to my supervisor and / or the person who told him he could get the $39.95 rate.  I called Mr David Ross, and asked him, he said “absolutely NO”.  In the meantime, I also had another customer who didn’t have his ID, try to get into his room.  I would not give him  a room key without an ID.  He kept swearing at me and being a jerk about it.  Well, then his friend showed up and while I am still trying to help this previous guest with the room rate, he starts telling me that he is going to complain about me.  I then explained to him that we have security procedures, that need followed, and that was the only issue I was having.  At this very moment, I now have two different customers yelling at me over 2 different issues.  Both of which are just policies and things that I don’t have any control over.

So now, when I am sitting here checking in another customer.  Mrs Bennett comes running around the corner.  She tells me to call 9-1-1.  I do that and hand her the phone.  She explains to the dispatcher that she got out of the shower, and her Dad was almost falling over.  She said that he had taken 3 or 4 of some pill that we was only supposed to take one of.  And that he may have already even taken the 1 pill earlier.  The firetruck arrived first, and went to the room.  Then the ambulance; they unloaded the strectcher and started heading to the room.  However, the one paremedic got back in the ambulance and drove it around to the other side of the building.  I started to get uneasy, because I’ve seen this happen before.  Then shortly after that, the Boise Police showed up.  Usually, when police show up to a medical emergency, it isn’t a good sign.  But now, the ambulance took Mrs Bennett’s Dad away to the hospital.  Hopefully he will be okay.


And yes, this all happened in one day.

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