I have never blogged about this yet, so I guess here it goes.

Anyway, just over a year ago, Krissie and I wanted to get a “new” puppy.  We decided Iris needed a playmate, so we went looking around.  Iris’ breeder works with my Dad, and he asked how the little one (Iris) was doing.  But then he said he was getting rid of the runt from Iris’ litter and wanted to know if he knew anyone who wanted a puppy.  Well, two days later, we had ourselves a new puppy.  We named her Tia.

Initially her and Iris, had a little territory battle.  But now that they have been together, they love each other so much.  I often find the two snuggling together on the couch.  And one of my favorites, is their constant play time.  Their play time is so fun to watch.

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