It has been a couple of weeks since my post, and since my firing of Tony Sepulveda.  Anyway, I went out this morning to go do my shopping and I hear a “F#$k you, Anthony”.  I look up and at the corner of my parking lot is the vehicle of Tony Sepulveda and Lara Muchow.  I then see both of them up on the corner panhandling.  I decided to call the police for two reasons:

  1. When I fired him, I told him to stay off the property because of the issues we had with him.  So at this point, it was trespassing.
  2. Because of the kids.  He had the kids with him sitting on the side of the street.

The police came, it was Officer Tolen.  He just loves dealing with panhandlers.  He had a “discussion” with Tony and told him that he needs to leave the property and not come back.  Tony then proceeded to flip me off.  I asked Officer Tolen to hang around.  While I was talking with Officer Tolen, Tony drove by and flipped me off again.  He then called me some derogatory names while he was leaving.  I got in the van and left.  I wish I had a video camera, because it was the funniest thing I had seen.  He was in the Jackson’s parking lot and was shaking his body and flipping me off shaking his hands all around.

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