Today I was going to get up and have a peaceful morning and have to let a certain employee go.  This is something that I have only done once before.  There had been issues with Mr Tony Sepulveda.  He had created so much problems as we were going along.  Anyway, one of them was the simple fact that his boss, Dale, had told him something.  Tony then responded with a “You’re lucky I am not that kind of guy, otherwise I would come after you bro.”

So before I went shopping for the day, I confronted by Tony in the hallway.  He was trying to tell me there was discrimination going on in the hotel.  I asked him why he felt that way.  He said it was because he wanted keys, and no one would give him keys because he wasn’t white.  And that we don’t like anybody who isn’t white.  This was a little weird, considering that at this time I know of at least a half dozen employees who work for me who are not white.

I then said “I guess it has come to this.  I was going to talk to you and just lay you off.  However, now I am terminating your employment effective immediately.  YOU ARE FIRED!!”  I then “clocked him out” for the day.  I found out after like 3 hours of him dinking around that he went up and tried to clock out.  I was like “Hell, No”

A couple days later was pay day.  He came in to get his check.  We had given him a room to “live in” for a week.  We deducted that from his check, as well as the payday advance which we had given him.  He then wouldn’t sign the paper because he “didn’t agree with the reason he was fired”.  I kept explaining to him that he didn’t have to agree with the reason.  He was signing a paper saying the reason was explained to him and that he didn’t have any work related injuries.  I finally had to threaten to call the police if he didn’t leave and / or sign the paper and leave.  He then got in my face about it.

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