My general manager, Dave Ross, hired a guy to basically do what Mamo had done.  Mamo was an Ethiopian who didn’t clean rooms, but basically was a helper to the maintenance and cleaned up outside and so forth.

This guy has only worked here a month or so (if that). Robert put in his two-weeks-notice and then didn’t show up anymore so Dave hired a new maintenance guy.  I barely got back from running to the bank, and Cliff called me over to where he was at.  He got really upset and was like “don’t we have seniority around here?”

This coming from a guy that has been shown how to operate the blower 3 times and Dale STILL had to show him how to work it today. AND he can barely handle a couple of hours of work before he has to go home because his back hurts. He doesn’t have a clue about maintenance. No mechanical aptitude whatsoever.  Don’t even know why he was complaining, especially since the maintenance job is paying the same as what Cliff is currently making.

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