Normally in June there is not any snow.  However, as I speak, there is quite a bit of snow in Northern Idaho, and there is also snow with periods of whiteouts in Dead Man’s Pass near Pendleton, Oregon.  This phenomenon kind of also backs up one of my beliefs.

My belief is that I think Global Warning is one of the biggest pieces of cow manure that there is. I don’t believe that this whole “man-made climate change” is really true.  I think that global warming is officially over and done with. The movie done by Al Gore called “An Inconvenient Truth” was actually full of lies and should have been called “A Very Convenient Lie”.

Back to what I mentioned earlier, about the snow in June, I think that now people will start talking about how we are in a “Global Cooling.”  Over the last ten years, the temperature has been going down every year. And as far as Global Warming is concerned, I have not been able to find any kind of agreement in the scientific community that there is any kind of man-made climate change.

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Denise · June 10, 2008 at 9:52 pm

I agree with you about global warming. It is one of the biggest hoaxes ever pulled off. And, the really sad and disturbing part is that those of us who didn’t fall for it are going to be the ones that pay and pay and pay for it. By 2012, regular old light bulbs are banned and we have to use those compact flourescent ones (filled with mercury). This is absurd, and it’s only one of many examples of what is being done through government regulation. My freedoms should not be stripped because of some liberal concoction, that science can’t even begin to support.
I recommend you read my entries on this, especially the top one about surviving global warming.

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