Last week, I wrote about how I disliked favoritism in the workplace.  Well, now I have to continue on with that.  I lost my job the next day, due to termination.  I think that favoritism had to do with this.  I had an experience over 6 months ago, where things went bad.  I was pulled into the manager’s office, and was told not to let it happen again.  So, I continued with the daily duties of my job, and didn’t let anything happen.  When I was taken into the manager’s office, they played a called where a guy called in a started swearing, and yelling.  I asked him to keep it professional, he continued to yell.  The call was dropped or disconnected some how.  The manager thought that I hung up on the guy, so she fired me. 

However, I don’t think that I was fired for that.  I think deep down inside the reason that I was fired was because I was not meeting the sales goals.  One thing about that company is, that if you are not meeting goal, then they don’t really care about you.  You are only cared about if you are making goals.  The whole time that I was there, I never felt like I was given any kind of “Thanks” or “Hey, Good Job”.  The only people that got that were either at goal, or above goal.


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