The Obama supporters are pretty retarded! But that’s no surprise. Yes, the Pastor is retired, and Obama wants us to believe he doesn’t agree with these hateful rants. The point that I am trying to make is, that this was Obama’s Pastor, a hateful racists who is anti-American. If Obama didn’t like this man’s views he wouldn’t have been a faithful follower of that church!  I have been told to watch this video clip from Rev Jeremiah Wright, who is Obama’s Pastor, and I finally did.  I thought I would make it available to you.

Obama said that this man was his spiritual advisor, mentor, and role model. He is as much a nut job as Farrakhan, and I have to believe Obama is pretty much in the same boat. He (Obama) has gone to this wacko’s church for over a decade and listened to this drivel and must have approved of it in some sense or he would have left (like anyone with any sense). People always compare Obama to Kennedy because of his charisma – well, Hitler was charismatic too. And the more we see of the real Obama and not the crafted image, the less Kennedyesque he looks.

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Michael, the Sin City Conservative · May 1, 2008 at 12:22 am

Isn’t it sad that the person who wants to be the President of the United States went, for over 20-years, to an openly black separatist Church, who’s Pastor would say such crazy comments. The Wrong Reverend Wright would have us believe that we are the bad guys in the world. I believe that America is the world’s last best hope at peace and unity, before the millennium. People who have views like Wright, like Farrakhan, like the KKK, like Ahmadinejad, and like so many others who hate for a living, would love to be the cause of Armageddon.

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