I have a couple new things that I really enjoy.  Well, I really enjoy a lot of things, but I have found new interest in some new things.  The first hobby that I have just started getting into is blogging.  I never really got into it before, because I truly hate myspace.  I was browsing Michael Cox’s blog, and came across wordpress; which is a “software” package of sorts that lets you blog.  I truly love it, because I can just put down random thoughts.  Blogging is a very fun past time, and I recommend it to anyone.

My other new interest is on a website called Blubet. This website is pretty fun because it gives you a way to “bet” against friends, and even people that you have never met.  There are hundreds of different questions that you can bet on.  The best thing about blubet, is that is is absolutely free.

Here is a list of helpful hints to get you started:

  • BluBucks have no monetary value. They do have entertainment value and allow you to track your winnings against the winnings of your friends and others. Be the first Blu-Gazillionaire!
  • Refer a friend and earn 500 BluBucks per sign up.
  • When you win a bet you earn more BluBucks! A bet’s pot is split evenly among the winners.
  • You will be reminded of bets to settle, but if you fail to settle the bets you created, then you will lose your original bet (“ante”) as well as 1,500 BluBucks (a “penalty”).
  • No more BluBucks? No problem. When you run out of BluBucks, your account will return to 10,000 BluBucks, but the record of the bust stays on your profile.


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