This is just a simple basic post, but one that I wanted to write so that I could express my feelings. But not only to express my feelings, but to remember them later down the road. Krissie’s mom, Peggy, had been battling Multiple Myeloma for some time now. Amy, Krissie’s sister, came in to town and we had some visiting and ate some dinner with her on Monday and Tuesday evening after work. These were good and fun visits, as we don’t get to see Amy very often. We visited with Amy, Grandma Betty, and Krissie’s Brother, Ray.

Krissie’s Mom had some appointments on Wednesday, to check on some things. We / I wasn’t expecting much, honestly because it was all the same as it had been. However, got a call from Krissie while I was at work. Krissie called to tell me that Mom’s cancer was in remission. While I don’t fully understand or comprehend what that means in relation to cancer. Remission doesn’t mean cancer free, but it means that the signs and conditions of the cancer are reduced.

Later Wednesday night, Grandma Betty called me to tell me the same thing and to make sure that Krissie knew. I told Grandma that Krissie knew already, but that we were pretty excited. Grandma made it sound like Mom was cured, but that isn’t exactly how remission works.

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