This weekend, Krissie and I drove to East Canyon Resort in Morgan, Utah to spend the weekend with Krissie and her Dad and Step-Mom. Keith and Pam have a time share there and it was fun to get away. We had a pretty good travel time, and were able to drop my dogs off at my mom’s house in Pocatello, Idaho for a couple days while we were gone.

While we were there, Krissie had the opportunity to go and do some ice fishing with her Dad. She did have some great fun time with her Dad. She got to use her ice auger which she had. She had never been ice fishing. Keith and Pam had asked us to bring some movies. Rather than trying to decide which movies to bring, I just brought the entire Apple TV, which would allow me to watch any of our movies. We ate some good food and went on a couple of walks around the place.

They gave us a couple of gifts for our birthdays. Dad and Pam gave me a nice battery powered light, to use for various things when needed. They also gave us the book titled “Annotated Book of Mormon”. This is the 2nd Edition of the book, it combines the original text of the “most correct book on earth”, with the secondary evidences of archaeology, artifacts, geology and geography in the Heartland of the United States.

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