Today was a fun day. My wife’s sister, Amy, came to visit their Mom and Grandma. This weekend is also coming up of the General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In April 2018, President Russell M Nelson, announced the change from Home Teaching to Ministering. There has been much rumor floating around that if we thought April’s changes were exciting, that we better be ready for October. The comparison I often heard was that we could compare April to a snowflake and October to a snowball. This was not just a rumor created by lay members of the church. There was a couple of General Authorities who had made mention that there were some exciting changes to come forth yet.

Amy and I had a very nice visit at my Mother-in-Law’s / Grandmother-in-Law’s house. Just for fun, we discussed for a period of time what we thought might happen this weekend. This was our prediction, 2 HOUR CHURCH!!! With 2 Hour church, there needs to be some other changes, because with the recent announcement of “Come Follow Me” for Sunday school, the Church is not going to entirely get rid of Sunday School. We talked about the 2 Hour Church in a little more detail, and this is what we decided:

  • 1st and 3rd Sunday – Sunday School
  • 2nd and 4th Sunday – Priesthood / Relief Society Meeting
  • 5th Sunday – Combined meeting as it currently is.

Yes, I realize the 2 Hour block rumor has floated around for year. However, this go around, I have personally had this thought over and over this very week. And not just subtle thoughts, but very strong thoughts about this. Amy had these thoughts for some time as well. As did friends of hers whom she had discussed with. I am not sure, and none of us are, but we will see what happens this weekend.

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