Today made me feel grateful for technology. This was also a pretty strange and weird day. Got up this morning, and got ready for church. This part was not very different than what we had done in the last 6-7 months. Since the pandemic shutdown church, and the temple, Krissie and I have been doing church at home. What made today different from previous Sundays, was the area authorities have authorized the Stakes and Wards in the area to enter phase 2 of returning to church.

This means that each ward can resume meeting together as a whole. However, due to local safety and government regulations, we are still limited in the number of people who may be present. This made the ability to have the ward broadcast the sacrament meeting via some kind of online media. Our ward chose to use YouTube as a means to broadcast our Sacrament Meeting. It was weird to sit on the couch, in my Sunday clothes watching Sacrament Meeting as if i was at the church. The only thing which was different, was that the ordinance of the sacrament was not broadcast. This ordinance was saved until the end, which is when the broadcast ended.

Throughout the sacrament meeting, I kept getting a feeling like maybe I was going to be speaking. Even after home church was finished, Krissie and I resumed putting together our new dinner table. This table we got from Amy Wilde and Mom Peggy. I got a text from Brother Rick Tolman, 2nd Counselor, of the Devonshire Ward, of the Boise Amity Stake. I spent all afternoon trying to convince myself why I shouldn’t speak, but cannot seem to come up with any reason which I feel is adequate. I responded to the text, and we will see what topic I am given or where I feel I should take this.

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