I was on Facebook, and Facebook kept suggesting that I should be friends with Mat LaMunyon, who happens to be a coworker of mine in the South Jordan Office. I had no idea why, so I opened up his profile and our mutual contact was Edwin Miller (My Grandpa).

I reached out to Mat via email, and asked him. And Mat said he wasn’t quite sure, and he thought Edwin was a Great-Uncle of his. But his Aunts were also friends with Edwin, so he had to ask. I then sent a text message to Grandpa Miller and asked him. He said Shirley Charlesworth LaMunyon was his Mother’s sister. I passed this wonderful information on to Mat, and Mat said Shirley was his Grandma.

It is pretty cool to learn various connections I have with people. And in this case, is pretty cool to learn that a coworker of mine is related to me in a roundabout way.

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