I was working today, and got a text from Dale Boyer. He asked me if I knew why there was a fence around the Rodeway Inn. I honestly have no idea why it is there, and that’s what I told him. At this point, I really do not care about the place; as I am ready to move on with my life. I do not want to sound bitter about the Rodeway Inn, because I am not.Where I am bitter at is about what has happened since the Rodeway has closed. From things like:

  • A customer sending a letter and threatening to sue the hotel based on an incident back in July claiming his civil rights were violated.
  • Chris Peters from AMRESCO Commercial Finance taking his time to pay Dale and I for the work we did to help with the auction. This took nearly 3 weeks after being promised 3 days
  • Chris Peters also promising to pay utilities for a specified time, and then find out that he actually didn’t.


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