I have a ton of mixed emotions. In fact, I don’t even know how to best describe this. I am sitting here packing my “apartment”, where I have lived at the Rodeway Inn hotel for years. So, my six years living here, I also work here so there is a lot of memories. I feel as if a piece of me is being ripped out and thrown on the floor.

I have lots of blood, sweat, and tears at this place. I have been threatened, I have been stabbed, seen drug busts, hookers and / or pimps arrested, possible child endangerment cases, etc.  Also, I have made many friends among my employees. Some of them, which I have befriended over the years are:

  • Jennifer Root
  • Jennifer Eastham
  • Joy Compton
  • Dale Boyer
  • Tonja Nored
  • Pedro Ortiz
  • Colleen Embree
  • Kitty Richards
  • Trish Maybury
  • Jo Fryberger
  • Steve & Sue Kubinski

There are others, however, those are some of the ones who stand out to me.


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