Today, was just like any Friday.  I had eaten dinner, and was sitting at Jo’s Sunshine Lounge listening to Karaoke.  I even found myself participating in karaoke on this night.  It was 9:30 at night and I was sitting there listening to someone sing, and Neal, Frank, and their significant others were walking outside to go home for the night.

One of the females came back in quickly and said “someone needs to call 911”.  So, I grabbed my phone, not knowing what was going on and called 911.  I walked out and saw a van at the corner of I-184 and Curtis Road.  There was another female, with a white skirt that was bloody, as well as her jaw / chin area on her face was also bloody.  Turns out that as Neal and Frank were walking outside, she was being beaten by an aquaintance of hers. He took off before Frank and Neal could get up there to confront him.

She got in the van to drive away, hoping that she didn’t just drive off, but she pulled into the Jackson’s Shell Gas Station parking lot.  The police did arrive and tried to talk to her and help her.  The police were there until 1:30 am, taking care of this incident.  I don’t think they have caught the loser yet.  Hopefully they do, because my adrenaline was going so much that I could have killed the guy


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