I just had the afternoon from Hell, and now I am a little perturbed.

Anyway, we have a policy that employees are supposed to ask permission before they use the swimming pool, because of the busyness of the hotel.  Anyway, I was walking down the hall way and saw Moncada and the whole clan coming out of the pool area.  I  didn’t say anything, I just left it alone.  As I passed them, I said hello to one of the kids.  I don’t even remember which one.

I went into the office and continued to do my work and all the sudden a pounding at the door.  I answered it and it was her husband.  He was like “Man to Man, if you ever talk to, or look at my kids again, I will knock you the F*&k out”.  I was like, “what are you talking about”.  He then said it was because when Steve (BBQ restaurant), and I were out at the pool, he caught me looking at his daughters behind.  I told him that never happened, and I had no clue what he was talking about.

I decided to let that settle for a few minutes.  I went up to the desk after about 30 to 45 minutes so that I could take care of something.  He was still up there, and he threatened me again.  I then called the General Manager as he was out of town.  The GM told me to have Moncada call him.  So she did, and she was told that her husband was not allowed on the property because he threatened me.  She then asked about her kids and was told that because I got threatened for looking at or even talking to their kids, that they weren’t allowed on the property either.  So she walked off the job.  As she walked off the job, her husband shouted some profanity at me.


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