Today, I paid for the most expensive anti diarrhea pill I have never actually eaten.

So today, my wife was taking some medicine.  Imodium Ad, to be exact.  She dropped a pill on the ground.  My little puppy, Iris beat both my wife and I to the pill.  This wouldn’t have been a problem, but little Iris is only 7 pounds.

I then called the Vet, and I was told that she should only have 1/4 of a pill at the most.  And she managed to eat the full pill, which is 4 times what she is supposed to have.  So this was now considered an overdose.  We rushed her to the vet, so they could look at her.  They ended up giving her some “black charcoal”.  Not sure exactly what that is, but something to help either get rid of the “foreign drug”, or to help cure its side effects.  Either way after a few hours of observation, we picked her back up from the vet.

So this one anti-diarrhea pill ended up costing me about $70.  However, it was worth it to make sure my baby was okay.

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