So, last night, I had just finished my the first part of my split shift for the day. As an assistant manager at the Rodeway Inn, I never thought I would have to deal with the following situation.

Mr. Stanton had just arrived with his students from Ririe Junior High School. They brought us about 20 or so rooms while they come on a field trip to Boise. The students were away from the Bus, as the teachers were unloading some things from the Bus. A customer had been at the Hotel for about a week. She thought it was a good idea to go out on her balcony and begin to cuss and yell and offend Mr. Stanton and the other teachers. And to top it off, she was being drunk and disorderly.

This was reported to my front desk clerk, Misty, who then reported it to me. I then had to ask Miss Nanette Gazlay to leave, because my job is to protect my customers. I gave her a few minutes to grab her things, she came down to the desk and gave my desk clerk a hard time. At 6:58 pm, I had no choice but to call Boise Police Dispatch. As I was talking to the dispatcher on the phone, Nanette ran up behind me and “stabbed” me in the back with a pen. I yelled “I have just been stabbed”.

Ms Gazlay had a cab waiting for her out front. She tried to grab her Wal-Mart Bag of things and flee in the cab. I ran out front, asked the cabbie to please cooperate. He did, but because he wouldn’t leave, Ms Gazlay got out of the cab and took off. In the meantime, her Wal-Mart bag spilled which had what appeared to be 20 prescription pill bottles, a bra, and a couple other items. Officer McKean was on scene now, so the dispatcher let me go.

After Officer McKean picked up the pills, I was asked to walk over to the parking lot just south of the Hotel and West of the Jackson’s gas station, because BPD thought they had our suspect. She did match the clothing description, but she was not the person of interest. However, I did ID the suspect from a photo on the Officer’s laptop in his car. Just a few seconds later, the Emergency Room at Saint Alphonsus hospital called dispatch because a crazy woman just showed up who was flailing around, swearing and demanding medical help, but would not cooperate.

I then heard Officer Fleming say “I think our woman is at the E.R.”. I then rode next door to the Hospital in the back of Officer McKean’s police car. It did turn out to be her. However, it didn’t end there. When police arrived she kicked one of them. I am not sure if it was Bonas (K-9), McKean, or Fleming. I was asked if I wanted to have my back looked at. It was just a scratch, but to be on the safe side, wanted to double check. So I was then admitted to the E.R. at about 7:30 pm. I had to fill out a witness statement for the police report, and then was eventually given a tetanus shot. I was released from the Hospital at 9:15 pm. When I left, the police officers were still there. It turns out our suspect was so drunk, she had to be medically cleared before she could be taken to jail. Oh and sometime during all this a C.S.I. Officer came and took pictures of me and my back. At 9:52pm, she was booked into the Ada County Jail on Felony Aggravated Battery for use of deadly weapon, Felony Assault on an Officer, and 2 misdemeanor failure to appears.



Nanette Gazlay’s Booking in the Ada County Jail



The three scratches below my neck are from the pen attack.



My Emergency Room bracelet.


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Michael Cox · May 13, 2013 at 12:02 am

Pretty crazy.

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