Revolucion Energy Drinks contain only the highest quality natural ingredients – no synthetic colors, vitamins or sweeteners.  Using Revolucion’s combined 65 years of biomedical and nutritional research, Revolucion has developed a sensational energy drink that Mother Nature would be proud of.  Each ingredient was carefully selected to supply the body with sustained energy, while enhancing overall focus and performance. Revolucion also included botanicals to help protect the liver, increase fat metabolism and support heart health.

Revolucion offers two great Drinks!

Revolucion Energy Drinks come in two great formulas:

  1. Revolucion Start is a delightful energized Cranberry Apple fruit flavored energy drink that has a captivating and refreshing flavor that leaves you mentally and physically energized, with no crash or harmful ingredients.  Loaded with antioxidants, this is truly an energy drink that works with the body, not against it.
  2. Revolucion Defense is a deliciously satisfying, Low Calorie beverage that supplies the body with an antioxidant power of over 7000 ORAC. Using Revolucion’s collective knowledge of the antioxidant capacity of foods, we’ve chosen only botanicals and fruits known for their nutritional density and overall phyto-nutrient content.  Our proprietary blend of ingredients contains nutraceuticals that help the body’s natural defense against cell injury and free radical damage. The ingredients in Revolucion Defense are very well known for their anti-cancer and anti-aging enhancing effects.

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