I just found what I think is such a wonderful tool.  This new tool that I found is located at Mint.com.  This is probably one of the best budgeting tools that I have ever seen.  I first caught mention of this website when I was helping a friend finish his taxes.  Later, I rediscovered it when I was helping another friend to find an alternative to Microsoft Money, because Microsoft is no longer supporting this software.

Once I got online, I discovered that I with this tool, I can synchronize bank accounts, credit cards, loans, investments, and even add assets that I own.  This tool is completely free to use, and will synchronize nightly.  You can also go through after you have organized expenses, and create a budget.  This is a pretty neat tool, because I can tell how I am doing for the month for anything from groceries, to entertainment.  I have faith that this can help keep me on a better financial journey.

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