Lately, I have been playing around with the Beta Version of Microsoft Office 2010.  I downloaded the Professional Plus version, because I wanted to be able to play around with several of the programs.  There are several things that I have liked so far about the new version. One of those, is that with PowerPoint, I can create a PowerPoint presentation, and then have it saved as a Windows Media File.  This has been great for me, because I work for the Rodeway Inn, and we have a couple of PowerPoints that we are trying to save to a video file.  We were able to do it using software that was created for just that purpose. However, unless I wanted to pay $80+ for the software, then there was always a “watermark” somewhere in the video. 

One other feature that I love, is available with all the new Office Products, and that is Sharepoint.  This allows a single file to be worked on simultaneously by multiple users.  All one has to do, is to upload to the Sharepoint “Cloud”, and then give the others the link, and you can all work on the file at the same time.  This is possible with Excel Spreadsheets, Word Documents, Access Databases, PowerPoint Presentations, etc.

For More Info, go to Microsoft’s Office Website.

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