I haven’t posted anything really in quite some time.  I am sitting here at work, trying not to be bored.  I work at a hotel, and my boss recently went to a regional meeting for Choice Hotels.  He came back, and asked me if I knew about Facebook and / or Twitter.  I knew about Facebook, but Twitter I didn’t know anything other than it’s name.

He said that during this meeting, they (Choice Hotels) talked about using the Social Networking sites to promote the hotel.  Now, this got me excited.  My boss then gave me a .pdf file that talks all about some of the social networking sites to use.  These included YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Yelp.  I started playing with Twitter a little bit more, and have since started tweeting.  I am now on Twitter @antwanchild.  Reading through this document has really helped me to have a better understanding of what Twitter and Facebook are all about.


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