Previously, I have posted a post about Quickbooks vs Microsoft Money.  However, as Mike mentioned in comments on this same post that when I said I would post that day, apparently that didn’t mean that day.  Well, I don’t really remember what I was going to post about.  So, I will just write a new post that is somewhat related.  I do not have my own business, or have any plan to start a business anytime soon.  But I just started a job as a bookkeeper where I use Quickbooks on a daily basis.  In the past, I had used Microsoft Money to keep track of my personal finances.  However, I was debating about whether I should continue to use MS Money, or if I should use Quickbooks.  I had heard that usually people use Quicken for personal finances, but some people use Quickbooks.  So, I decided to give in and I purchased myself a copy of Quickbooks Pro, so that I would have some of the features that I use at work.

I have not actually taken the time to get all my accounts and bills and things set up, but I will get to that one of these days.  I just need to pick a time to get it all started, and haven’t quite figured out how to do that.  If anyone has any suggestions just let me know.


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