Today started off as an interesting day. We recently started working a hybrid schedule and working part of the week from home and the rest of the week from the office in Meridian. This morning, I thought the blow-pop looked really good. So I sucked on it for awhile, then I decided I would chomp down on the thing. I bit down and then forgot that about 6 or 7 years ago, I had a crown put on my tooth. This would have been okay, but the sucker was still a little bit hard. I bit down and bit into something pretty hard, I spit it out and sure enough there was what was left of my tooth plus the crown.

I went into my Dentist at Nampa Smiles and he looked at it. He said that sure enough, it is broken and has to be fixed with an extraction / implant. I wasn’t too excited about this process and I am feeling a little down on myself for such a boneheaded move on my part. Then to top it off, the dr office called my insurance and was initially told that they are now out of network. This was weird to me, because my wife just went and was not told anything about this. I had to call them, because the insurance also wouldn’t give any benefit info to the office. Kate from the office called again, and this time was given a different story and was told that I am in network after all.

I got this procedure scheduled and I am not really looking forward to the procedure. The reason I am not too excited is because for at least the next week while i wait, i have to eat semi soft foods. Then I was told that after that part, it heals for another 3-ish months and then I go back in for a crown. During that 3 or so months, I was told that I have to stick to cold / soft foods so that my mouth can heal.