Another great day was had today at the Boise, Idaho Temple. But this is a rather short post. I was in the veil worker waiting room, contemplating and preparing for my next assignment. Brother Porter then popped his head in the room, pointed and me, and motioned for me to come. I explained to him that I had to officiated and couldn’t be long. Brother Porter didn’t really respond and we went around the corner.

Brother Porter, while looking at this brother, said “Here is Brother Anthony Child”. This brother reached out his hand and said “I am Gary Child, your Grandpa Val’s youngest brother”. I didn’t remember him a lot, but still looked familiar and looked like his brothers. We visited for a few minutes and we each went our separate ways. We did have a good visit, he did ask me about my Dad, and how my family was doing.

Later today, when I talked to my Mom, I found out that Gary was actually younger than my Aunt Cheri (Dad’s Sister). We didn’t see Gary much when we were growing up, just cause of where they lived. I guess we didn’t go there much for some reason or another.

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