Today was a pretty special and unexpected day at the Boise, Idaho Temple. As an ordinance worker, our time is scheduled by the shift coordinator. At about 2:00 pm, I was getting ready to start my next assignment. However, the shift coordinator came to ask for a volunteer in another position, as he forgot to schedule someone there. I popped up and volunteered to go there for the half hour time slot which was needed.
When I arrived at the position, I help a couple brothers come through. Then another brother came through. I asked him his last name and he noticed the “Child” name on my name tag. He told me his last name was Beus.

Brother Beus: “My Mother’s maiden name is Child”
I looked at the name of the submitter on the Family Name Card and the name was Nani Child Beus. I recognized the name. And had not seen her in about 15 years.
Me: “My Grandpa is Val Child, and your Mom is my Great-Aunt!!”
Brother Beus: “You and I are cousins. My name is Eric Beus. Nani is here today, because her Granddaughter is getting her endowments in preparation of her mission.”
I told Eric to tell his Mom hello for me, because I didn’t know if I would see her that day.

I finished at the position I was at, and decided to go check the assembly room, to see if Nani was there. I peeked my head in the door, and to my excitement, there was Nani. She saw me and motioned for me to come see her. I sat down between her and Eric and talked with her briefly for a few minutes. We didn’t have much time, because I had to get to my next assignment, and it was fast approaching time for their endowment session to start.

That was not the end of the wonderful experience of the day. Towards the end of my shift, was about the same time Nani’s granddaughter was to symbolically return to the Lord’s presence and enter the Celestial Room of the Temple. I had the opportunity to be a part of that great experience. I also went into the room and discussed with Nani, Eric and Kathleen (Nani’s Daughter) for a few minutes. Nani’s said she wanted to meet my wife, and asked me to meet her up front.

I went downstairs in the break room, where Krissie had already got dressed in her street clothes, and asked her to come upstairs. Krissie and I waited for Nani to come back out to the front of the temple. Nani got to meet Krissie and we discussed and shared feelings for several minutes. Nani is a special lady. She is my Grandpa Val’s only sister and looks just like her Mom, Ila Adams Child

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